Hi! I’m Tania. I finished up my last quarter of my undergrad at UC San Diego with a B.S. in Human Biology in December 2016. After doing pre-med for 3 years, I am finally embarking on the latest journey: medical school! I started internatinal medical school at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia one month after finishing my undergrad.

Welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy all the things I love doing, whether it be cooking, attempting to put makeup on my face (lol), decorating (badly), or traveling. These are the things that keep me sane and happy during the stressful journey that is being pre-med and medical school. I’ll be sharing some tips on succeeding in medicine from high school to college, and overall how to get it done, how to do it all, how to do it well, and still live your life the way you want to.