B Health Scrubs Review – Ethical and Comfortable.

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Hello! Today I wanted to review the B Health Classic Fit Scrubs and let you all know what my honest opinion is of them! I’m wearing the Women’s Classic Fit Sea Blue Top and Bottom. Also, make sure you use my code MEDICALLY20 to receive 20% off!!

Let’s start with the company:

B Health is an exciting new healthcare clothing brand that provides high quality scrubs. After starting their sister brand behno, B Health was created to continue and extend its commitment to ethical manufacturing for the healthcare space. What struck me the most about this company is that they employ actual nurses in the design process and their message is “in order to be productive, comfort is a must”.

“We are inspired by worlds colliding where loving hands make our scrubs for loving hands to wear.”

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B Health Scrub Top and Bottom in color Sea Blue, size M. I am 6′ tall for reference.



  1. Comfort – these scrubs are extremely comfortable, with a 60% cotton, 40% polyester material. In comparison to FIGS scrubs, whose apparel does not contain cotton, I find that this combination of fabrics allows for breath-ability from the cotton and minimal wrinkling form the polyester. I found that these scrubs were quite “heavy”, but I actually really enjoyed that: they looked and felt sturdy and had great stitching. I also felt that they would endure hundreds of loads of washing, and still look just as great.
  2. Pockets – these scrubs have a total of 6 pockets, which I think is fantastic! 4 pockets in the top and 2 for the bottoms. Maximum snack storage.
  3. Fit – I absolutely loved that the top was a slim fit and that the bottoms had a little flare to add some shape to my body (or as much as you can get when you’re wearing, let’s face it, hospital pajamas). The top also had a really nice V neck with a criss cross pattern.
  4. Size – the sizes are very inclusive. The website has a range from XXS to XXXL. Compare that with FIGS and their range from XXS to XL or Medelita scrubs with XS to XL.
  5. Price – the price is right. A scrub set is $40 (top $20, bottom $20), unlike some scrub brands who charge double that.
  6. Color – I really loved the Sea Blue set and felt like I was at the ocean rather than stuck in a hospital. I felt that the color choices were unique and different.
  7. Ethical – these garments are 100% ethically made in Gujarat.

b health.JPG

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I wanted to briefly touch on some of the negatives I found in order to keep this review objective, although, as you can probably tell, I really love these scrubs so there are not that many cons to talk about!

  1. Length – I found the bottoms to be a tad bit short on me. To be fair, I am gigantic and sit at 6 feet tall, and there haven’t been any scrubs thus far that have actually been able to comfortably cover my ankles. Would love to see a “tall” section and a “petite” section on the website in the future to accommodate for all the different length and sizes of our beautiful bodies! 🙂
  2. Warranty – I would have really liked to see this brand offer free returns or a warranty like Medelita.

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