I just *GRADUATED* + a little surprise

Hellooo! About a week ago, I took my last undergraduate final at UC San Diego and with that, said goodbye to undergrad. I actually walked the graduation ceremony back in June this year, so I’ll share some photos from that wonderful day in this post. I’ve moved back home to Los Angeles with my mom so I can spend some family time during the holidays.

W pouring water for me as I go to take my last undergrad final ever! This is an old tradition my family used to do for good luck – I swear it works.

If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen that I posted my last picture ever on campus, just as I was leaving campus that day. Annnddd also, my (not so) little surprise:

I’ve been accepted to medical school internationally! I will commencing studies in  Australia in January 2017 and complete 2 years there, then move on to the Ochsner clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana for years 3 and 4. I am extremely humbled and excited for this opportunity to travel and study and the best part is that W is coming with me. He was accepted into a kinesiology program at Bond University for 2 years as well.





So since finishing last week, I’ve just been relaxing with family and spending quality time with them. I’ve been cleaning out my room and getting ready for my big move. I can’t wait to pack up my suitcase and write a blog post about all the things I’m bringing with me. This is just a little update for now, but I will be posting a holiday gift guide soon. I was originally thinking about doing it once a day for a week, but then I thought with the holidays right around the corner, I should just do one big mega-post. Anyways, look out for that soon.

Oh, and before I forget, here are my graduation photos from June:

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